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Terrible 12 out of Sweet 16..eh 75% isn’t bad

Posted by Nathan Atkins on March 24, 2009

Well I have 12 of the 16 right in this years Sweet Sixteen. 

Wake, WOW I was surprised. Sure, Cleveland State has gone up against some tough Big East competition (Beat Syracuse in Syracuse, Lost to West Virginia by 10 on the road too). The Vikings also played tough against Pac 10 power house Washington losing by 5. 

Notice a trend? 

Other than Syracuse, the CSU Vikings have struggled with elite teams. Wake Forest came out terrible, as one of the more inconsistent teams in the tournament, they didn’t disappointing losing 84-69 to the Horizon League Champions. 

Arizona on the other hand, the team many analysts say shouldn’t have made it into the tournament, handled CSU with ease defeating them 71-57.  Now in the Sweet Sixteen, it certainly looks like Arizona belongs there. 

Unfortunately for me, I had Wake Forest in the Sweet Sixteen. I was hoping that they would rebound from the poor way they ended the season and come into the tournament strong. But it looks like the opposite happened, Wake came in flat and down on themselves and before they knew it they lost by nearly twenty.

Gonzaga was another shocker. Not only did they defy my prediction of a first round loss, they followed it up with a second round win, making it to the Sweet Sixteen. Congratulations ‘Zags! Definitely did not see that one coming!

Florida State should be in the Sweet Sixteen. But Toney Douglas decided to give the game away. With 14 seconds left and a one point lead, Toney Douglas decided to jack up a 3 pointer. It fell short, just like Florida State’s dreams of making the Sweet Sixteen. I’m still unsure why he shot from 23 feet out instead of simply going in the paint and trying to draw a foul. 

Douglas missed the shot, Jason Bohannon rebounded, after a 30 second time out, the Badgers were back on the floor ready to crush the Seminoles’s dreams. Treyvon Hughes drives to the basket, gets fouled……..and……MAKES THE BASKET. Florida State loses by 2. 

Texas coach Rick Barnes was a solid 0-3 against Duke heading into this game. Well coach, make that 0-4. 

But, there’s improvement! 

Barnes had previously lost to the Duke Blue Devils by an average of 26.3 points. 

On Saturday, they only lost by 5. 

Texas shot terrible from beyond the arc (25%). AJ Abrams was solid contributing 17 points and shot 33% from three. But, Connor Atchley did not come ready to play, he played 6 minutes, had 1 rebound and no points. 

Duke on the other hand was hot once again. The Blue Devils shot 50% from three and hit 77.8% of their free throws, opposed to the 64.0% by Texas. 

Poor shooting and missed free throws will do you in every time. Sorry Longhorns.

Let’s see how my Elite Eight looks after this round.

I had Wake, Western Kentucky, Texas and Florida State all losing in the Sweet Sixteen.

First Round: 28/32 = 87% B+ 

Second Round: 12/16 = 75% C



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